Monday, April 28, 2014

Through a Child's Eye's

For the past year I have had one of the most rewarding and challenging callings.  I am a Young Women's Adviser for the Special Needs Mutual.  It has completely changed my life and brought me so much joy.  I learn so much from them, far more than they could possibly learn from me.  But let me take you back to before I was given this opportunity.

I have a cousin who is special needs, I love and adore her so much.  I also used to babysit a young boy with Downs Syndrome, and I loved him so very much as well.   I think I have been blessed to have them in my life, so they could prepare me for my calling that I have now.  I have always loved those with special needs.  So when I became a mother, I wanted to make sure my children knew how wonderful these special individuals are.  When I have noticed my children staring or when they have asked me questions, I answer them with this, "They are angels. Can you see how special they are?"  So this is how my children have perceived them, as angels.  Because they are.  They are incredible.  They have perfect love.

Every year the mutual puts on a production, and they all look forward to it.  I have had the amazing opportunity to direct a scene for the past 2 productions, and it has been a lot of fun.  This year, my 6 yr old daughter asked if she could help me.  She and I would practice the dance at home, and then every Thursday at rehearsal she would help teach it to our group.  Watching my little 6 year old do this was remarkable to me.  As she grew to love these individuals I noticed something about her.  She did not see their disability, she just loved them.  She talked to them like she talked to a great friend.  She hugged them and played with them.  She just saw love.  The love just came flowing out of her, and I was overwhelmed with pride in my sweet little daughter.  I believe she saw them as God does.  Beautiful, Perfect and yes, Angels.  These individuals are so much better and wiser than I am.  Some of the things that they say are pure genius.  The amount of love they offer is amazing.  And I love them so deeply.

My wish is that everyone could see them through my child's eye's.  She sees them for the perfect people that they are.  She sees them with pure Christ like love.  She sees them as beautiful and kind.  She sees THEM, not their disability.  And it is one of the most beautiful things I have ever witnessed.

This calling has enriched my life, it has helped me gain so much more understanding about the Savior.  These choice spirits have so much love to give.  They amaze me every week.  And I am proud and so very blessed to call them my friends.

So next time you see someone with special needs, I urge you to look in their eyes, and see how wonderful they are.  See them as though you are looking through an innocent child's eye's, see THEM.  Because they are remarkable.