Monday, October 6, 2014

I only want to Love

How do I explain the things to my children of the world today?  When I was younger, my parents did not need to explain why a woman marries a woman, and a man marries a man.  Today has brought so many emotions that I am feeling overwhelmed.  My heart has been so full from such a wonderful Conference this past weekend.  Elder Oaks prophesied these things to come to pass, and the very next day it happened.  It only proves to me the power of the men who are at the head of this great Church of Jesus Christ. Have faith......have faith.  It rings through my mind as I look at my children and realize that the world they are growing up in is far harder than the one I did.  HAVE FAITH!  Being a Christian and following the teachings of Jesus Christ is not popular. I want my children to always have the faith and the strength to believe in the words of the Prophets and the Savior, as they grow and discover who they are and will become, because in the end the choice is ultimately theirs.

I love my Savior.  And he loves me just as much as he loves the evil doers of this world.  How it must sadden him to watch them fall so deeply into the darkness.  But we can be the light.  My mother has always said, "My dear one, be a Light Giver."  So I say that to you, in the midst of so much darkness, we must continue to be the "Light Givers".  It is within us all, to be the light in the dark.  I believe that by doing this and as we keep listening to the still small voice, we will figure out our part.  We all have responsibilities to make this world a glorious one.

As certain happenings occurred in this state today, I found myself sobbing in heartbreak.  Because I will have to explain things to my children that I cannot understand myself.  I admit I feel like I am lost in this.  I have no words to give to help such a small innocent child with so many questions understand these things.

Because of my beliefs I have been called many names, even by those that I love.  How do I express my love and devotion to them, even though I may not agree with them?  It is not righteous to be contentious.  And I have no desire to be contentious.  The spirit runs from contention, and I do not want that.  I want peace within the differences of my fellow man.   I love you.  I will never despise you just because you make choices I don't.  My role is to love, never to hate,  Even though I am labeled as a hater, I am not.  I truly am not.  Please respect my children as I teach them to love God and love Jesus Christ.  Please understand this is not only sensitive to you who live differently than I do.  Please be kind as I am kind to you.  I respect that you have the right to live the way you choose.  And I will never be cruel. I only want to bring happiness to those around me.

As my heart breaks, please know it does not mean I do not care.

I trust in my Savior.  I love him.  He knows me by name,  He is always with me.  He will help me be strong,  When my Savior comes I want to be able to look into his eyes, fall to his feet and say "Lord, I am a sinner, but I love thee, please forgive me, I am trying to be who thou wants me to be."

I promise to never spread hateful words.  I love you, even if you do not love me.