Wednesday, March 28, 2012

G I V E A W A Y!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!

And what am I giving away you ask? A bottle of you favorite lotion from Bath and Body Works! Whoever wins can tell me which kind they would like, and it will be sent to you! Now how to enter you ask!?




Post a picture of yourself when you were a child on my Lifting The Soul FB page! (Copy and paste if you do not
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Then get as many people to vote for you picture as possible! The person with the most votes WINS!! YEAH!!!

HAVE FUN!! Contest ends April 5th!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Love and Hate

I am a member if The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I know who I am, and I choose to live my religion. It is important to me, and it makes me who I am. That being said, I have many family members and friends who are not of the same faith. And I love them. I respect that they do not believe the same things I do. And I respect how they choose to live their lives. It is not my place to tell them what they can and cannot do. This is something I have been taught from a very young age. To respect and love everyone for who they are. So when I am not given that same respect, it hurts. I have never really been hated for what I believe, until recently. I don't understand why I am disliked so much for what I believe, when I have never done anything disrespectful to them, and I have never pushed my beliefs on them. It has left me stunned, and unsure of how to react. Of course I know I cannot react with anger and hate. But I cannot, and will not stop being who I am to appease anyone. I have many wonderful and close family and friends who are not of my faith...and we love each other and respect one another. That is how it should be. I will continue to love and respect all those around me. You can hate me, but I will not hate you.

So lets all remember who we are. We are wonderful and different. We are all children of God. He loves us all the same. And we should love and respect, because it makes the world a better place.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Today in church the Missionaries taught the lesson in Relief Society. They talked about a new focus they have been given by Elder Russell M. Nelson. To not only seek to teach people who are not members of the church, but also to teach those who have lost their way, or just do not feel the desire to go to church. It brought me back to a time when I myself was not an active member of the church, and how there were specific people in my life who helped me come back, so that I could partake of the blessings and keep the covenants I made at baptism. I will forever love and hold those people close to my heart.

It also made me wonder if I do enough? Am I a good example of what a daughter of God should be? Am I helping those around me to feel the spirit? Am I teaching my children to know and love their Heavenly Father and his Son Jesus Christ? I hope, and I know that I should try to do better also.

They say every member a missionary. That rang clearer to me today than ever before. Whether they are not members, or whether they are and do not have a testimony or desire, I need to make sure I reach out to them. You cannot always ask the questions that missionaries can. Sometimes you teach them by example, by showing them love and by following the spirit. Because if you have the desire to teach, the spirit will guide you and help you know how.

I have always regretted not going on a mission. It is something I had always wanted to do, and it is an opportunity my Father in Heaven gave to me, and I did not accept his plea to serve at that time in my life. I do look forward to the time when I can go with my husband to serve where the Lord needs us to. For those of you who are at the age to serve, and you are pondering whether to serve or not to serve? DO IT! It is something that will strengthen you, and teach you things you may not learn otherwise. And just think of all the lives you will touch. It will be worth it.

Listen the promptings of the spirit. Live your religion. Be a missionary.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Little Sister

This week has been an exciting one for my family. My little sister, and my parents youngest child got married. And it was beautiful. As I watched my little sister make covenants with her new husband and the Lord, her life flashed before my eyes. She was a very anticipated baby. One all four of her older siblings were excited for. And when she arrived it was one of the best days ever. She has always been this little girl that I felt a desire to love and protect. And as I still feel this desire, it has shifted a bit. Because now she is a grown and married woman. She is no longer the silly little girl with pig tails. And now my parents are empty nesters.

Watching her get married was..........surreal. Her life as a little girl flew by much to quickly. And I am realizing how fast life goes by, as I watch my own children grow. My mother told me when I had my first child, that you walk in the front door holding them, and watch them walk out the back door. Because it goes by that fast. I try to remember that when my children are driving me crazy. Because someday I will miss the crazy.

So to my little sister who was always everyone's baby.....I love you. And I am so proud of you. And this week....YOU lifted my soul.