Monday, September 29, 2014

Women of the Church

I do my best to stay away from controversial topics on my blog.  But this has weighed heavily on my mind, and I felt I needed to share it.

 In the world today, there are many things that we face that we did not even face 5 years ago. At least not to the degree we do today.  Technology continues to skyrocket and blow my mind at times.  With all these great things that we have, also comes great wickedness.  Not the technology itself of course, but the people who use it.  Satan uses all that is created for our good, for our destruction!  Something that we are facing in the church today, is who should hold the priesthood.  And the media and internet has exploded with the topic.  And through the use of technology, many have followed and supported this.  Now, I understand that there are those who have a righteous desire to know the answer to whether women should hold the priesthood.  I believe that they have received their answer.  But since it was not the answer they were seeking, they continue to push the issue.  They, through negative influence, are being deceived.  They are unwilling to understand the purpose of these things, and have lost faith in our leaders. (Let me remind you, these are my own opinions. And not to be confused with doctrine, although I think doctrine supports my opinion.)   As a young girl I remember watching the young men passing the sacrament.  I remember thinking that I could not wait until I got to do that.  So I asked my mom when it would be my turn.  She then explained that girls did not pass the sacrament.  I asked why, and she said because boys hold the priesthood, and girls do not.  I asked why, and she said, because women do not need it, and boys do.  That seemed to satisfy my curiosity and I was fine with that answer.  As a young child I had faith that what my mother was telling me was true.  And she had faith that what the leaders of the church told her was true. And that they spoke for God. 

So why are we as adults so quick to question the leaders of the church?  Why do we doubt them?  Do you not know that most doubt comes from the adversary?  Be stronger than that!  Be a woman of God!  I believe that we as women have such an amazing opportunity in this day. We have opportunities we have never had before!  So why don’t we stand up for ourselves, instead of whining about things we think we are entitled to?  I will tell you right now, Kate Kelly has been deceived by the adversary.  I know this to be true.  And I pray that she will find peace one day in her choices.  Do you not remember that this is all a part of Satan’s plan?  False priests who oppress!  He declared that this is what he would do.  When you start to follow someone who preaches and leads you to doubt the words of the prophets, it just shouts deception. And I cannot understand why this is something that is so hard to see. 

As a woman of the church I feel great honor and joy in my abilities to lead in this church.  We have the power of the priesthood sisters!  And we use it.  We may not be ordained, but we have the power within us. Ordination is not necessary.   It is promised to us that we will be granted all the same glories as any man can.  Man holds nothing over me, and I nothing over him.  We are equals in the eyes of the Lord.  He loves us all equally, so of course we are given equal opportunities for all the same blessings we are promised, if we keep our covenants. 

We are blessed to live in a time and in a religion where we are free to ask questions.  But, we must learn to recognize when those questions are answered, even when the answer may not be what we wanted or hoped for.  On Sunday my Bishop got up and gave us a warning that struck me.  I was filled with the spirit telling me his words were of God, and that they were true.  He spoke these words with such power I could not deny them.  He said, “If we are endowed, and we are not attending the Temple, reading and studying our scriptures and praying regularly, WE WILL BE DECEIVED!”  And we will be my dear friends. So take head, and have faith!

I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the only church on this earth to be true.  I know that the Leaders of the church speak the words of God.  I know that my Savior bled and died for our sins!  He is the living water!  We thirst for his love and mercy.  And it is freely given if we are willing to partake of it.   I know that Thomas S. Monson is the true and living Prophet today.  I know that Joseph Smith saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ when he was just 14 years old.  He translated the gold plates into the sacred words of The Book of Mormon, another Testament of Jesus Christ.  I know that we are given blessings to help us achieve the rewards we are promised. 

Our Savior loves us.  He is there to advocate for us and guide us.  He is our Redeemer and friend. Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.  In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.”

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Dear 12 yr old Me

When I entered Jr. High I was excited and nervous.  Little did I know that struggles of growing up were going to take their toll on me.  But obviously I survived.  I look back now and wish I could tell myself a few things.  Although I know part of who I am today, is that tiny little girl, who tried desperately to fit in.  But if I were given the chance, this is what I would tell her.

Dear Me,

  Life is not going to be easy.  But you are going to go through some things that will change you, make you sad, angry, and want to give up.  But you will also experience JOY, excitement and pure love.  But I want to tell you something.  IT IS OK not to be popular!  The popular kids are not the type of people you want to hang out with.  You are ok with just being you!  You are strong, you are smart, you can get through it all.  But you cannot do it alone.  You need your Savior, you need your family.  There is going to come a time where certain choices need to be made.  Please listen to the spirit.  Please listen to your mother.  Please listen to your heart.  Your feelings for certain people will allow satan to tempt you.  RUN!  Stay close to the gospel, read your scriptures, say your prayers.  And please smile.  Smile!  Don't walk through the hallway with your head down. LIFT IT UP!  You are worth knowing.

Love, Me

Today young boys and girls, even us older ones, sometimes feel like we have to dress to impress.  Always trying to look like a million bucks, having the latest styles in clothing, makeup, etc.  You have to be skinny.  Because being anything else is just gross, or that is how the world makes you feel.  I believe in trying to stay healthy, which I do not always find easy...ok I never find it easy.  But why do we have to try so hard!?  Colbie Caillat recently came out with a new song called, "Try".  And I love it!  It is my new theme song.  It has helped me feel better about just being who I am.

I believe we must always strive to become better people, but sometimes we can lose ourselves in the process.  Please remember what is most important in this life.  We are not alone in this journey.  Remember you must have faith.  You must trust in the Lord.  He is there to guide you.  Listen to the still small voice.

To all the youth, Please know how wonderful you are.  Don't let the temptations of this world drag you down.  Look in the mirror and smile.  Because there is no one else in this world like you.  You are special, you are beautiful, you are worth it, you are loved.  You are Sons and Daughters of a Heavenly King.  What a remarkable thing to know!

Since I love this song so much I thought I would share it with you all.  Now go out and find joy, even if your day is bitter.  There is joy in the world.