Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Is There No Other Way?

 Life throws us all in many directions we never expected.  There are times where we have all been on our knees asking for help, for guidance and even miracles.  We plead with our father to change our course and to make it easier.  We ask him, "Is there no other way?"

  My family has gone through a lot of changes, some good and some not so good.  And in our struggle, I have selfishly asked my Father in Heaven to lighten my load.  And I have wanted it lightened the way I see fit.  I have begged him to change things, I have asked, "Is there no other way?"

  Just as Christ plead with his Father in the Garden if it be possible to take the cup from him, but not his will, but God's will be done.  God did not send us to this earth to make our lives easier, we must go through trials and sorrows.   We must continually do the things that we need to do to strengthen our faith.  And by doing so it will allow us to more fully trust in the Lord and his plan for us all individually.

  Sometimes things have to get harder before they can get better.  If things only ever worked in our favor, well, then that would be the way that Satan wanted this world to work.  He wanted everything to be easy, and all the glory to be his own.  But that is just simply not how it is meant to be.  Things will get hard, and things will not always come easily, but if we have faith and trust in him, things will be ok.  Maybe not right when we want them to, but when we need them to the most.  God will not leave us alone.  He will test us to the very core.  He knows that we will become weak and want to give up.  But he has given us the tools and his love to help us all along the way, even when it seems we can no longer bear the pain we may be feeling.

  So when we ask, "Lord, is there no other way?"  He may say, no.  But trust him, he will not leave you to bear the burdens alone.  Do not fear him, trust and rely on him.

  Recently I read a post where someone, who has taken a path away from the church described those who believe in this faith in a way that shocked me,  They said that they were angry at the wounds inflicted on us all, (Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints), by fear poorly disguised as faith.  I sat there and my jaw dropped.  My faith is a disguise inflicted on me......by fear?  A faith that has taught me to love and help ALL those around me regardless of our differences?  This comment shook me to the core, not with anger, but sadness.  How had this person so wonderful, fallen away?  I cannot answer that question for that person, but I can tell you this.  If we do not continually do our part on this earth and trust in our Father in Heaven, we to can begin to doubt and question it all.

"Doubt your doubts, before you doubt your faith" ~President Uchtdorf

  So when we are in our moments of despair, trail and fear.  Trust in him and know that this test is only for a small moment.  And that it will pass from us.  And if we trust in him, we will be blessed and comforted.  He will show us the way so that we may know with a surety of the right course.  He will not leave us doubtful, but hopeful.

  My prayer for everyone on this earth is that we can all trust in our Heavenly Father and trust in his perfect plan.  And know that we are never left alone.

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