Sunday, January 3, 2016

Give Your Burden to the Lord

Not long ago I was sitting in Sacrament meeting, and as the prayer was being given the person said, "Bless all those who are going through hard times and trials, that they may have comfort."  I remember thinking, I am so glad that is not me right now.  I felt so safe and secure in the direction of my life in that moment.  It was blissful and peaceful.  So much joy.

But life does not always go as we plan.  Life throws us curve balls that change our path and lives in ways we never imagined.  Trials will come, we cannot avoid them.  They can be small, or they can be gigantic.  No matter what the trial, or how serious it may or may not be, we are not alone in it.  Though in the darkness of our despair, we may feel alone at times.  And it can be difficult to remember that we are never truly alone.

I never knew my heart could feel such pain.  I thought I knew pain.  I have been through hard things, made some pretty bad choices in my life.  Were they just to prepare me for harder things?  Maybe so.

Being a parent is a miraculous adventure.  An adventure I am thankful to be on.  Being a parent can fill our hearts with unexplainable joy!  And also unimaginable sorrow.  When my child hurts, all I want to do is take their pain and suffer it for them.  When someone has hurt my child I feel this need to defend them with every fiber of my being.  As I call it, "The mother bear" affect.

I have had to learn to give all my pain to my Savior.  It is hard and I am weak.  But it is the only way I can make it through this time in my life.  So to my readers, whether there be many or whether there be few, give your burdens to the Lord.  Allow him into your heart, so that you may feel comfort.  Allow others to help you, God will send people in your path in your times of need.  Do not doubt his love for you, because it is unconditional.  Something I have learned in a way I never expected.  Trust in him, and have and hold to your Faith.  You are never alone.

I have shared this video I am sure many times.  But it is a good one and it brings me comfort.  May you always remember the Lord is with you.  He loves you more than we can ever know.

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